Just gave my notice at work yesterday, which means it’s real. I can’t take it back. Well….maybe I can but I won’t. Already sold several household items, most of my furniture is going to a young relative about to get his first apartment (how easy was that?!), and I’m buying things to deck out the Subie for a 5000-mile voyage. #PennyTheAdventureMutt doesn’t seem too pleased with her airline-certified crate. She’s been in… Read More

  It’s here! My 2018 Milepost arrived and now I can get down to business! So many options and not enough time for all of it. I’m trying to decide now how much time to spend wandering around the lower 48 to visit friends before I head to the AlCan itself – AZ, southern UT, friends in Portland, a favorite uncle near Reno, how could I miss Glacier?!, I have to go… Read More

Oh how I love to look at maps! I’ve been in love with them since we had the boxes of maps in 5th grade (Thanks Mrs. Knarr!) and the wooden rack of pull-down canvas maps in the front of the classroom, showing me all there was to see in my state, in my country, and in the world. It was, looking back on that, likely the beginnings of my wanderlust. It was… Read More

I seriously may have outdone myself this time. I just agreed to a contract job in Barrow, Alaska. That would be here: Which is really, really, really, really far away.   3,569 miles as the crow flies, but more than 5500 via car and plane. It’s also pretty barren, cut off from any roads, and it’s accessible only by plane. The plan is to drive to Fairbanks (maybe Anchorage?) and leave my… Read More

Wandering the Wild

Backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail and Beyond