Ready the plane…for tomorrow we fly!

Well, the apartment is empty. The storage unit is kinda full. My North Face duffel, affectionately known as Big Bertha, is really, really full.  As is my heart; I’ve made such great friends here in Austin and it’s been super sad saying goodbye.

Worst of all is leaving behind my niece. But she has gifted me a Pokey (of Gumby and Pokey fame…) that I promised would adventure with Penny and I.

Those of you who read my previous posts thought you were going to get a wonderful recounting of a grand adventure by car up the Al-Can….but circumstances got in the way and now it’s boring old airports. Not nearly as much fun, but once I get to Alaska……watch out!

Gotta go to bed, that 3a alarm is not too far off. Looking forward to a great day in Seattle tomorrow with an old TexPTS friend – he’s helping Penny and I spend my 10-hour layover, then on to Alaska!

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