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So Penny and I met up with Heidi and her 2 dogs for a walk on the beach. Or actually, I guess it was a walk on the Arctic Ocean itself. She was quite comfortable hoping over the breaks in the ice, but coming from Lake Michigan winters I was much more skittish about the security of jumping onto and off of basically icebergs. Of course they AREN’T really icebergs, but for… Read More

I made it! It was close, I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to land – the fog was so thick we waited more than an hour at Prudhoe Bay before we could take off, then attempted 3 separate landings before we finally touched down. Barrow is, um, muddy. ¬†Really, really muddy. (this is the view from my living room) This place reminds me of any seaside village – just… Read More

Had a great day in Seattle yesterday with my friend Chris Stanley, who so kindly drove up from Portland to while away my layover day with me. We spent most of the day at the Market, ate some amazing seafood, watched a lady with a parrot and some seriously interesting people, and basically just enjoyed a beautiful day outside! This morning I woke in a quaint little motel in Anchorage, and I’ll… Read More

Well, the apartment is empty. The storage unit is kinda full. My North Face duffel, affectionately known as Big Bertha, is really, really full. ¬†As is my heart; I’ve made such great friends here in Austin and it’s been super sad saying goodbye. Worst of all is leaving behind my niece. But she has gifted me a Pokey (of Gumby and Pokey fame…) that I promised would adventure with Penny and I…. Read More

Wandering the Wild

Backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail and Beyond