And now it’s real

Just gave my notice at work yesterday, which means it’s real. I can’t take it back. Well….maybe I can but I won’t.

Already sold several household items, most of my furniture is going to a young relative about to get his first apartment (how easy was that?!), and I’m buying things to deck out the Subie for a 5000-mile voyage.

#PennyTheAdventureMutt doesn’t seem too pleased with her airline-certified crate. She’s been in a few times, but will drag her bed out of it to sleep. We’ll have to work on that. Thankfully it’s not too long of a flight from Anchorage to Barrow, so she shouldn’t have to spend too much time in there. Long enough as far as she’s concerned, and I’m worried sick about flying her, but I’ve pretty much got no choice here.

What’s interesting is how much I need to use my ultralight backpacking skills to pack for this trip. I’ll only be able to keep with me what I can check on the plane or ship ahead (for a pretty pricey penny, I might add). Penny is a piece of luggage, so is the Fat Bike. That leaves a single duffle I can check, plus a small backpack I’ll use as a carry-on. Seems pretty UL for 3 months of living in the arctic……


One Comment on “And now it’s real

  1. It is a different world. We were there for a few days last summer on a (now discontinued) REI Adventures trip. Life in that region is hard physical work. Probably a lot of need for PT’s!

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