The plans solidify

Oh how I love to look at maps!

I’ve been in love with them since we had the boxes of maps in 5th grade (Thanks Mrs. Knarr!) and the wooden rack of pull-down canvas maps in the front of the classroom, showing me all there was to see in my state, in my country, and in the world. It was, looking back on that, likely the beginnings of my wanderlust.

It was right about then that we took our first road trip out west; my dad took 3 weeks off from the steel mill, my mom planned the route and the menus, and the four of us packed into the 1980 blue and white Chevy Blazer to drive to mountains. We saw Mt Rushmore, the Badlands, Yellowstone, Tetons, Devil’s Tower, walked through the site of the Battle of Little Bighorn, read about the standoff at Wounded Knee, camped in national parks and in cow fields, and my love of the road trip took hold.

Thankfully, I’m of the ultralight mindset in terms of my backpacking trips, and hopefully (oh dear me, hopefully!) that can translate to packing for this trip. My big item will be my bike – The Fattie, as she is affectionately known – that I will use for transportation and for exploration around Barrow. I wonder how I can carry a loaded shotgun while riding?

I’ll take suggestions!

But otherwise I need to bring almost nothing – I’ll pack my zpacks arc blast as though I were going on a backpacking trip – and that will be all the backpacking toys I get to bring. I’ll bring the bike and a small toolkit. The dog. I’ll ship a small box of clothes, linens and toiletries….and that will be my life for the next 3+ months.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many people actually HAVE worked in Barrow – and have reached out to me to provide advice and support. This has REALLY helped pacify almost all of my fears and nervousness about the work assignment and the drive.

Can’t wait to plan the route! That’s coming next……

One Comment on “The plans solidify

  1. not Barrow but still… this:
    and this:–hiking-the-mountains-of-longyearbyen-svalbard

    from Svalbard where all hikers appear to carry a rifle ( and assumedly really truly know how to use one in a crisis… )
    I read lots of stories / sites while day dreaming of a walking trip there but still not too sure how I would react to a charging polar bear -:)

    And thanks for the generously shared physical therapy advice… how I found you here per a forum conversation on BPL & researching my knee thing.
    Safe and happy travels!

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