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One of the most common injuries to sideline hikers is knee pain. It can start slowly…that dull ache behind your kneecap that grows and grows as you keep pretending it’s not there. Or it can happen suddenly with a quick awkward step or even a stumble. The second requires a bit of first aid, and if the pain persists more than a few days, possibly a trip to your neighborhood PT. Let’s… Read More

Ever since I started walking down from the base camp of Mount Everest towards the airstrip at Lukla in 1999, I began to fantasize about the granite spires of Patagonia… I had just completed an intense post-doctoral fellowship and was mentally spent; I wanted a trip to rest my brain and challenge my body. It would be a 10-12 day backpacking adventure around the whole circuit of Torres del Paine in Patagonia…. Read More

We may not always think of ourselves as athletes, but in fact we are. It takes a great deal of practice, and balance, and endurance, and strength in order to walk 20 miles – or even 4 – in the woods. But with athleticism comes injuries, and while sometimes helpful, it’s not always a good idea to rely on random advice from fellow hikers, or questionable internet forum suggestions. Sometimes the solution… Read More

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