For starters…

We may not always think of ourselves as athletes, but in fact we are. It takes a great deal of practice, and balance, and endurance, and strength in order to walk 20 miles – or even 4 – in the woods. But with athleticism comes injuries, and while sometimes helpful, it’s not always a good idea to rely on random advice from fellow hikers, or questionable internet forum suggestions. Sometimes the solution requires a trip to your family doc, sometimes to an orthopedic surgeon, but oftentimes it can be a simple fix that you can do yourself – and the sooner the better.

Orthopedic physical therapists are specialists in musculoskeletal complaints and can be your best friends if something goes wrong with your bones, joints, or muscles. You don’t always need the latest and greatest (read: most expensive) tests and interventions to get back on the trail quickly. Sometimes all it takes is a little attention to some often-forgotten muscle groups, or a little TLC to a tendon or two.

Check back here for articles about common hiking injuries and the easy fixes, as well as some guidance on when it’s time for a one-on-one professional consultation or – GASP – some time off.

I’ll also be posting trip reports and pictures, gear lists, and if I can figure it out, some GPS map stuff.




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  1. Love your knee and ankle articles. I’ve bookmarked your site. Hope you share more helpful tips with us in the future. Thanks!

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